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Why You Should Use A Travel Agent

Thanks to the overpriced and poor customer service people receive from corporate travel agencies many people have false reasons for not using a travel agent. There are many benefits in using a travel agent, from saving precious time and money to getting those sought after deals that you couldn’t find or have time to find on your own. Even with travel reservations being at your fingertips through such sites as Expedia and, more and more people are seeking out the help of a travel agent. Why? Here are some main reasons of why people should use travel agents as well as common misconceptions.

Let's Make A Deal!

The first misconception is that travel agents have deals. This is partly true depending upon where you find the agent. Yes. Costco and AAA agents may have some discounted rates but did you know that they also add on fees? So you really aren't saving any money in the long run. Travel vendors give the agencies a percentage commission from their booking so there is no reason to charge a fee, Our agents will never charge a fee. Now about the deals? Travel agents may know about certain special offers because it's our job to give the client the best rate but our inventory comes directly from the source.

Savings? Yes, please.

Another common misconception when deciding whether or not to utilize a travel agent is fear that is will cost you more. An agent has access to an agent only booking sites and especially if they specialize in a certain location it will save you time and possibly money in the long run. Not only can they offer the same deal that you can find on your own without you lifting a finger as a professional they also are privy to what specials are available. By an agent’s awareness of current and possibly future savings, this not only saves you money but you will not be bogged down by googling and searching endlessly for deals until you want to scream.

Personalized Service

When you book with a travel agent that agent works for YOU to give you a tailor-made vacation. They will do the legwork to find the best flights, the best deals for your budget to make your vacation stress and worry-free. By giving the agent the reigns of your trip you are more likely to enjoy it than if you planned it yourself. As with our agents we know the destinations, have traveled there and will give you tips and other information that a representative that simply is there to take down your info will not. Destinations such as Walt Disney World takes a tremendous amount of planning. Leave it up to the travel agent who knows the in’s and out’s of the destination to plan the perfect stress-free, personalized magical vacation. Agents are an excellent resource for enhancing your vacation experience.

The agent will also be handling your trip planning from start to finish assisting with all aspects of your trip. For example, with a Walt Disney World vacation, the agent will be available to handle booking dining reservations, any changes that you need before and during your trip, FastPass scheduling, and alerting you of any flight delays, etc. Travel agents will be there as a professional service before, during, and if needed - after your vacation. Most of the time vacations go as planned without a hitch but if a problem does arise they will be there to take care of it and you continue to enjoy your vacation without worries.

If you are interested in planning a trip to Walt Disney World, Disneyland or even a Royal Caribbean cruise contact one of our agents today! We are authorized Disney travel planners. Send us an email at

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